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Violin ASM6610M

Black mono module with up to 310 watts

photo: Astronergy

The manufacturer has utilized the newest generation of PERC cells for the particularly high-performance modules in the 295 to 310 Watt power classes. According to the test results from TÜV Rheinland, the new mono modules are more resilient than average. In addition to these extremely high-quality black solar cells, Astronergy also uses black covering strips which hide the silver cross connections on the upper and lower edge of the module, so that the module appears completely black. The particularly homogenous glass of a German high-quality manufacturer completes the uniform look of the Full Black Modules.

The new ASM6610M standard mono modules with silver frames are available from distributors in the standard power class between 275 to 290 watts and in the premium power class of 295 to 300 watts. The completely black mono module “Violin ASM6610M (BL)” is available in the power class of 275 to 285 watts. Series production of the highly efficient black module “Violin ASM6610M (BL) Premium” featuring PERC technology with up to 305 watts capacity, and the mono module with silver frames in the premium power class up to 310 watts is set to begin in mid October 2017.

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