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Maxim Integrated

solar cell optimizers

DC optimization

photo: Maxim

According to the company Maxim you are no longer constrained by the limits of conventional design or panel-level optimization. Our solar cell optimizers have unprecedented tolerance for uniform shading, allowing the tightest possible row spacing. Modules built with our solar cell optimizer technology enable you to deliver improved financials for even the largest photovoltaic (PV) projects.

No more costly boxes hanging off the back of your panel, no more network cabling or communications gateways, and no more hotspot module stress. Solar cell optimizers enable you to perform MPPT and DC optimization on each cell string. This granularity minimizes power degradation due to shading, soiling, and other sources of mismatch within the panel. Unlike the diodes they replace, solar cell optimizers do not bypass weak cell strings. Instead, they allow each cell string to deliver maximum power under any environmental conditions, enabling you to harvest more energy, achieve denser panel layouts, and improve system reliability.

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