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Module optimizers

photo: Tigo

System planners and installers are because of this able to ensure technically sound PV system configurations using TS4-R module optimizers. The number of module optimizers required for a planned PV system is specified as early as the planning phase.In terms of system design, the latest update to Sunny Design also incorporates PV systems with intelligent module optimization for shaded modules. In addition to the TS4-R module optimizers, Sunny Design includes other components offered by the solution from SMA and Tigo. These include the Tigo Cloud Connect Advanced management unit and the Tigo Gateway for system communication. System planners benefit from the fact that Sunny Design automatically selects the required functions of SMA and Tigo’s solution during the design process, based on what is most cost-effective.

The free software for PV systems Sunny Design Web can be used for all types of PV systems and with all SMA inverters and technologies, including energy storage systems. The software can be used to calculate the perfect PV system configuration for individual needs, when provided with key information.

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