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Sharp Energy Solutions


Poly module with 270 watts

photo: Sharp

This reflects a significant expansion of the Sharp PV module range over the last two years, which now sees the company offering 15 different polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules in total, in sizes varying from 48 cells to 72 cells. Sharp is now able to offer its reliable, efficient energy solutions to more homeowners and commercial customers.

The new modules have a low-iron solar glass with anti-reflective coating, which allows 95 percent of the sunlight to be used for the production of electricity, and have a module efficiency of up to 16.5 percent, allowing homeowners to generate more solar energy from their roofs. The modules are also suitable for use in cold regions subject to snow, with the robust design able to handle a snow load of up to 5,400 Pascal (according to IEC61215). The module ND-RJ270 (270 W) is now availableto purchase across Europe.

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