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HIT series N320K, N315K, N310K

Solar panels for residential applications

photo: Panasonic

These new models are able to produce 320, 315, and 310 watts of power, respectively, and are a continuation of Panasonic’s line of residential solar panels. The module efficiency reaches 19.1 percent. Due¬†to Panasonic the N320K produces 23 percent more power for consumers than traditional panels, and feature the highest level of efficiency among other black panels available in the market today. Panasonic’s trademark amorphous silicon layers and pyramid cell structure allow for the panel to absorb light at multiple angles so that the panel is maximizing generation at all times of the day. The unique water drainage frame quickly removes water from the panel and prevents the buildup of any serious precipitation. Panasonic offers a product warranty of 25 years.

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