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Hanwha Q-Cells


photo: Hanwha Q-Cells

The new solar modules combine monocrystalline wafers with Hanwha Q-Cells “Engineered in Germany” Q-Antum cell technology. The Q-Peak module series is now available for European customers in two variations: as Q-Peak-G4.1 with black frame and white back sheet and as the all black Q-Peak BLK-G4.1.

The Q-Peak-G4.1 comes in power classes ranging from 295 watts to 305 watts and efficiencies of up to 18.6 percent, making it highly attractive for residential customers. Power classes for Q-Peak BLK-G4.1 range from 285 watts up to 295 watts, with efficiencies of up to 18 percent. Both Q-Peak modules belong due to Hanwha to the most powerful 60 cell solar modules in the industry. The Q-Peak series combines power classes, leading to low levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) for customers.

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