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Heliatek Group

Energy façade/ HeliaFilm

OPV façade elements

photo: Heliatek

The HeliaFilm organic films have been incorporated into the façade and windows and will enable the testing of new solar technology systems.Together with Heliatek, Engie decided to retrofit the façades of the Group’s research centre, Ethe Laborelec in Linkebeek, for a new project involving the installation of their HeliaFilms.

Heliatek developed the façade elements with its partners AGC and SVK. The aim of this project is to investigate the ways in which solar energy can be generated from a building façade. The installation will also allow the building integration of this technology to be tested in real operational conditions.

The Heliatek solar films have been installed in two locations: directly on the SVK fibre cement façade elements on the south side of the building, and integrated into the AGC windows at the entrance to the building. The HeliaFilms on the façade and windows covers a total surface area of 50 square meters and the estimated annual power generation of 2,300 kilowatt-hours.

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