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Trina Solar

Duomax Twin

A bifacial solar module

photo: Trina Solar

The Duomax Twin from Trina Solar generates power from both the front and back sides of the solar module and performs well even under weak light conditions. The front side receives direct sunlight while the back side receives reflected and scattered light. Compared with traditional single-sided modules, the Duomax Twin can deliver as much as 25 percent additional generating capacity.

The Duomax Twin enables increased energy density and more electricity generation, as a result of which, the output of the projects will be increased with the same development costs as standard modules. By maximizing energy generation, the Duomax Twin reduces dur to Trina levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).

Since bifacial modules absorb solar radiation from both sides, they allow a variety of tilt and installation options and are ideal for elevated ground, rooftop, desert and snowy area installations or on-water applications. The dual-glass design used in all Duomax panels provides extreme durability even in the harshest environments, the Chinese company says.

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