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HIT Kuro

Black back sheet solar module

photo: Panasonic

According to the company the module efficiency reaches 19.4 percent for the 325 watt version. Designed to offer stylish aesthetics, the Kuro PV module will blend in seamlessly with most rooftops. The anti-reflection glass helps increase the energy absorption, while the upper and lower silver connections have been replaced by black tabs, instead of an extra layer of tape or black tedlar, minimizing the efficiency loss versus the white-backsheet equivalent and reducing the risk of cell micro cracks due to lower laminate thickness.

With the HIT Kuro Panasonic introduces the next generation of the HIT solar module frame with 40 millimeter of thickness. It can withstand a wind and snow load of 5,400 pascal and is officially cleared for short-side clamping. This new generation retains water drainage corners at glass level, ensuring a better self-cleaning of the module and a better long-term performance due to minimized soiling and accumulation of dust.

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