8 tips: Electric mobility – this is how you switch!

photo: Eight

8 tips for electric vehicles: Back in the day houses were heated with gas or oil. This is now a thing of the past. There is a revolution coming to cars as well: With electricity generated by wind and sun, electric cars are unbeatable in terms of pricing. With decreasing prices, the switch can take place swiftly – if you keep certain things in mind.

Everyone is talking about electric cars, but the energy transition has not yet really arrived in transportation. Most people think it is too expensive, and the tabloids keep repeating it without giving it a second thought. But it you are clever, you can already save a lot of money now. Do you want to know how? Then keep reading!

1.      Know the true price for your vehicle!
2.      Start small, grow slowly!
3.      Turn your house into a filling station!
4.      Choosing the right charging technology!
5.      Customising electrical installations!
6.      Use mobile batteries proactively!
7.      Towing has to be possible!
8.      Leave the installing to the experts!

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