7 tips: Cleaning solar panels the right way

photo: Kärcher

7 tips for operators of solar generators: Cleaning is the national pastime! We clean our flats, we clean our cars, some of us even clean our shoes – or our spectacles. Solar generators also occasionally need cleaning, especially in the spring. But beware: It is not a game and should be left to the professionals.

Solar generators do not require maintenance. This myth has been around for years, but the truth is slightly different. Solar generators consist of solar panels, which in turn are covered by large panes of glass. Depending on the place and environment, the glass fronts need to be cleaned – sometimes once every few years, sometimes every spring, sometimes every couple of weeks, or never at all. This is a matter of how much dirt would harm the expected solar yield.

1.      Have an inspection every spring, even if there is no visible damage!
2.      Ascertain what kind and how much dirt there is!
3.      Solar panels are not like windows!
4.      Everyday measures will not do!
5.      Correctly secure any workers on the roof!
6.      Document the cleaning!
7.      Leave the trained technician to do the work!

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