6 tips: Spring cleaning for the solar generator

photo: TÜV Rheinland

6 tips for operators of solar generators: Even though the solar panels spend their time quietly on the roof, they still need the occasional inspection and cleaning. The best time for this is March, with winter being over and sunny days ahead.

Solar generators do not require maintenance: This legend has been spread for years now, meanwhile reality tells a different story. A solar generator either on the ground or on a roof should be inspected by a specialist at least once every year. And early spring is the perfect time to get it ready for the coming sunshine period.

1.      Technical check-up, even if there are no visible faults!
2.      Clean at least in the spring!
3.      Keep damage by wild animals in check!
4.      Do not forget about the inverter and the solar battery!
5.      Correctly document inspections and measures taken!
6.      Leave maintenance to the trained expert!

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