6 tips: save money by using PV in your company

photo: IBC

6 business tips: If you have large amounts of roof area, you should definitely use it for solar generators. Solar electricity substantially lowers your energy costs – a wise investment that will pay off within a few years; and generate a positive image.

Although the oil price is quite low at the moment, energy costs are cutting into profits for many companies. Electricity in particular is costly, even for businesses. By switching to solar electricity, this item in the balance sheet can be reduced significantly. That is, if you take the following advice:

1.      First have your roofs assessed – and those devices that use too much power!
2.      Use solar electricity for hot water!
3.      Compressed air storage systems and electric vehicles improve efficiency!
4.      Run ventilation and refrigeration directly on solar energy!
5.      Prefer local components and equipment!
6.      Leave the installing to the experts!


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