13 Tips: Off-grid self-reliance – PV and cogeneration units

photo: HD

13 Tips for people wishing to truly be self-reliant. Really independent, not only for heat in winter. Technological advances make it possible: By combining solar power with a sufficiently large cogeneration unit and storage batteries, you can supply your home self-reliantly – at least when it comes to energy. And this will become even more efficient if you also run your car on (self-produced) electricity. But: There are a number of pitfalls that will have to be taken into consideration.

1.      Analyse the costs and risks of the grid-supply!
2.      Determine roof and other usable areas!
3.      Determine electricity demand during the winter!
4.      Find the right balance!
5.      Dimension the battery precisely!
6.      Definitely switch to electric mobility!
7.      Plan for a minimum of fuel use!
8.      Do not underestimate waste heat!
9.      Fuel cells: Cold cogeneration units are still very expensive!
10.  Exhaust gasses are the one drawback of a cogeneration unit!
11.  Determine maintenance costs beforehand!
12.  Plan for emergency power and other backups!
13.  Leave the installation to trained experts!

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