12 tips: How to secure your PV investment

photo: TÜV Rheinland

12 tips for solar customers: If you are intending to use solar generators and solar batteries, you should be absolutely certain: How is your investment covered from a legal standpoint? Who is liable if something goes wrong? What happens in case of faults or wear and tear? Your hard-earned money is worth you putting it into the right hands, so that you do not have any nasty surprises. Because if you economise at the wrong point, you will suffer – eventually.

Solar power is cheap. The generators promise at least 20 years of low-costs electricity. But at the beginning of such lucrative self-reliance there is a price that has to be paid: The technician has to buy in the components for you, in effect giving you an advance. He then installs them as well, which creates labour costs. All of that adds up to a few thousand euros, which begs the question how you can secure such an investment against interruptions, faults, damages or wear and tear. Law courts may help to settle disputes, but that cannot make up for the pleasure of an efficiently working solar installation.

1.      Do not let the falling prices tempt you into becoming reckless!
2.      Better than any insurance is a solid installation company!
3.      Only buy brand-name products from European manufacturers!
4.      Always install system packages, never mix and match!
5.      Hold the importer liable!
6.      Protect your investment by monitoring and regular maintenance!
7.      Make sure all provisions of the warranty are explained to you in detail!
8.      Run through what can go wrong!
9.      Make sure suppliers have provisions!
10.  Put your insurance company to the test!
11.  Find out about return and recycling!
12.  Leave installing and maintenance to the experts!

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