11 tips: Using heat pumps correctly

photo: Stiebel Eltron

11 tips for homeowners: Heat pumps are the most efficient heating technology on the market. However, many planners and installing companies have no clue what the requirements of this technology are. That often results in mistakes. Here you will learn how to avoid them.

Heat pumps are a clean alternative to gas boilers, oil furnaces or burning wood. The technology has been known for more than a century: It utilises the same principle as a refrigerator, only in reverse. It will economically get you through even the toughest winters, as demonstrated by ten thousands of units in Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia.

1.      Look at it from the perspective of heat utilisation!
2.      High-temperature flow does not work with heat pumps!
3.      Performance depends on the heat source!
4.      The real workhorses use ground heat!
5.      Cooling makes not always sense!
6.      A separate metre for the heat pump is usually not worth it!
7.      Augment using solar-thermal? Better not!
8.      Augment using PV? Yes, definitely!
9.      Design heat pump-based systems as a multi-stage cascade!
10.  Smallest possible heat output for larger storage tanks!
11.  Leave the installation to trained experts!

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