10 tips: How to use your solar electricity most effectively

photo: SMA

10 tips for operators of solar generators: If you have installed solar panels on your roof, your garage, your carport or at ground level on your property, you will require less electricity from the power grid. Here you will find tips on how you can use most of this valuable resource for your own needs.

Deciding to put up a PV installation signifies a rethink. Whereas so far the electricity has been coming from the grid, it is now produced on your own property, much less expensive than the grid power. Therefore: Use as much of the solar electricity yourselves and feed as little as possible back into the grid. We will show you how it is done.

1.      Reduce the electricity consumption of the building!
2.      Install LEDs instead of light bulbs!
3.      Turn off standby mode!
4.      Make hot water electrically!
5.      Run high-consumption devices during the day!
6.      Do your gardening on solar electricity!
7.      Heat electrically during the transitional periods!
8.      Storage units increase efficiency!
9.      Switch to e-mobility!
10.  Treasure hunt for all your family!

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